At Employers Logic, we are always seeking ways to creatively service new and existing clients with services they need. With this in mind, we now offer 1099 administration services to those businesses with independent contract employees.

As this new economy continues to reshape itself, the use of independent contractors or gig economy workers continues to grow. With that said, keeping compliant and knowing the potential pitfalls for 1099 contractors is of the utmost importance for any underlying employer. Together, with two of our business partnerships, we have crafted a program that saves time, reduces risk and can help increase cash- flow.

What’s Included?

  • Expedited onboarding process for existing and newly identified IC’s (paperwork, vetting, background checks, and drug screening) all per underlying employer.
  •  Software access that will provide robust reporting opportunities for any business (project cost management, IC’s accrued hours per project, daily, weekly, monthly snapshots) These benefits will aid in P&L management.
  •  Provide an efficient way for IC’s to be paid on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly basis.
  •  Simplified distribution of year-end 1099’s for all active IC’s.
  •  Provide HR collaboration for any potential 1099 conflicts ( HR attorney on staff).

If these services can be of benefit to you or a company you know, please reach out to learn more and Employers Logic looks forward to helping craft a plan that meets your growing business needs!