Employers Logic Asks, Is It Time to Hire

When you can’t find time to keep up with paperwork, or worse, pursue new ways to grow your business, then it might be time to hire. Learn from Employers Logic on how to identify the type of position you need and some affordable and creative ways to find the right person.

Full-Time Employee VS. Contractor

It’s a tough decision that may have a bigger impact on your business than you think. Hear insights from our H.R. experts on what to consider, and gain the confidence to make the best decision.

Asking All The Right Questions

You may have done interviews before, but the stakes are greater when you’re hiring for your own business. Get tips from experienced small business owners on which critical questions to ask and how to evaluate candidates during interviews.

Attract Workers And Keep Them Happy

One way to attract and retain good workers is to offer rewards and benefits. Review best practices from a successful small-business employee-recruiting expert that will bring out the best in your employees and fit within your budget.

How To Be The Best Boss You Can Be

You probably started your business so you could be your own boss—not someone else’s—but you have a responsibility to your employees once you hire. Find out from our expert H.R. executives how best to engage, motivate and help your workers grow.

What To Do When It's Not Working Out

Not every person you hire ends up being a perfect fit. Learn from our HR experts how to know when it’s time for a worker to go, and what rules you need to follow.

PEO Helping Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
A PEO organization helps small and medium-sized businesses by reducing the impact that growth has on human resources, back office and administrative demands. When many of these businesses first start out, they often have a person (sometimes one of the company founders) who is responsible for payroll, general ledgers and other back office tasks. Payroll might consist of cutting a handful of checks each month, for instance. However, as the business grows and takes on additional staff, back office tasks quickly become more time consuming.
Things can quickly get out of hand and management can get bogged down with the distraction of HR issues and back office requirements, instead of focusing on running the business. According to business statistics, 53 percent of small businesses fail within five years and one of the biggest causes for failure is a lack of HR policies —staffing issues can literally sink the ship, even when product demand is climbing..
This is why Employers Logic is so valuable to small and medium businesses. Partnering with a PEO firm removes the burden of back office support from the company and provides a solid HR foundation that accounts for all the company’s growing needs, including regulatory compliance. It ensures policies are in place to attract and retain the best employees. But, it does so without the expense of creating a fully staffed HR department and without requiring constant attention from the management team.
Controling the Costs of Unemployment
Unemployment insurance replaces part of the income you lose when you become unemployed. It is a benefit available to workers out of work through no fault of their own.  Employees wishing to collect unemployment benefits need only complete an application which serves as an explanation to the Unemployment Administration as to why they are no longer employed.  Once the application is received, a notice is sent to the employer asking for verification of this application (better known as the unemployment claim).
Each employer pays into an account from which these benefits are paid.  The money the employers pay is called ‘unemployment tax’.  The rate at which employers pay into the account is determined by the amount of claims paid to former employees of the respective company.  In other words, the more claims that are paid to your former employees, the more unemployment taxes you will pay.  Your rate is reviewed on a regular basis and is adjusted based on the number of claims charged against your account.
So what does this mean to you and how can you control your unemployment costs?  Easy; document, document and did I mention, document? When an unemployment claim is filed, the employer is given the opportunity to dispute the claim.  If the employer can show that the employee left voluntarily for little or no reason or if the employer can show that it had good cause to terminate the employee, the claim may be denied and the employer’s account is not affected.

But don’t get too excited yet.  Simply stating that the former employee should not receive benefits is not good enough.  The unemployment administration will ask for documentation.  Actually, they’ll want to see progressive documentation.  For instance, if John Doe is terminated for poor attendance, you will need to show that Mr. Doe was notified of his poor and unacceptable attendance record, (preferably in written form), and that he was ultimately terminated due to poor attendance.  Simply terminating him on the first offense will not be enough to show that he was well aware that his actions were leading to his termination.  However, if you can show that he was warned then ultimately terminated despite the warning, you may establish that John Doe lost his employment through his own doing and is therefore completely at fault for his loss of employment.]

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Evolving Small and Medium Businesses

As small and medium businesses evolve, the value of partnering with a HR consulting firm becomes even greater. With proven expertise in recruiting (including interviewing, background screening and salary negotiation) to rely on, a company’s management can instead focus on strategic planning, confident that a consultant is tracking down the best potential hires. By implementing HR best practices, including formal job descriptions, employee handbooks and benefits administration, H.R. firms help to foster a working environment that entices experienced workers to stay, while attracting the most qualified new recruits.

A sole proprietorship or two person operation might be able to get away with minimal professional help in the back office, but as soon as employees are added or growth begins, HR can’t be ignored. Trying to track salaries and deductions in a spreadsheet simply won’t cut it. Multiple employees’ means payroll needs to be formalized. HR consulting companies can take over payroll functions, providing employees with more attractive options such as PayCards, direct deposit and tax filing, while providing managers with advanced reporting capabilities to track attendance or maximize shift scheduling. Growing companies can’t ignore legal requirements such as Workers’ Compensation or the need to meet local, state and federal regulations covering everything from worker safety to environmental responsibility. HR consulting companies provide both the expertise and the experienced staff to ensure compliance with these programs.
The truth is that HR encompasses a range of very important functions, including everything from payroll to regulatory compliance and recruitment. Yes, HR can be a drag on the management team of a small or medium-sized company, but that’s exactly why they should partner with an experienced HR consulting firm. Doing so ensures that the company’s leadership is freed up from the responsibility of trying to administer human resources (which is likely not its expertise anyway), while a team of professional HR consultants ensures employees are content, prevents the company from stumbling because of any legal compliance issues and provides the support senior management needs in order to grow the workforce. Big companies usually have their own HR departments, but one of the reasons they were able to grow, succeed and to reach that level is that they didn’t ignore HR early on.

The Productive Work Force

Sometimes, even when we try our best, we find ourselves lagging behind the standards set both by the company we work for and by ourselves. These are the times when we have to take stock of our activities, do the analysis, and come up with answers as to why we’re not performing up to the mark. Only then is it easy to find ways to increase productivity. Here are a few pointers on how you can make sure you perform to your maximum potential every day at your job:

Get organized:

Planning and carrying out those plans to perfection are very important aspects of productivity. If you do not have a schedule lined up for the day, you’re only going to be flitting from task to task like a butterfly from flower to flower, not getting anything worthwhile done in the process. Use a PDA or an online calendar to prioritize your tasks in order of importance and stick to your routine as much as possible. If something unexpected comes up, you must be able to attend to it, and come back and finish the task you were interrupted from.

Refuse some requests:

If you try to please everyone at work, you’ll only end up pleasing nobody by doing slipshod work in whatever activity you undertake. When colleagues ask for help, it’s ok to say no at times when you’re bogged down with enough work of your own. Be polite in your refusal and take the time to explain that while you would love to help out, circumstances do not permit you to do so.

Delegate a little:

If you find yourself overwhelmed with smaller, repetitive tasks that anyone with a lesser skill set could achieve, delegate them. Use your skills where they really count, in the tasks that only you and no one else can do as well. If routine matters like filing, sending and checking mail and answering phone calls are left to someone else, you’ll find that you have more than enough undisturbed time to spend on important assignments.

Cut down on communication:

The biggest wasters of time at the office are phone calls, checking emails and surfing the net. Make it a point to check your email and go on the Web only when it’s absolutely necessary. If you need to, hire someone to screen your calls and take only those that are important.

What If...

You had access to unlimited funding resources to cover your weekly burden?

Even the most growth-oriented companies are hampered if they lack adequate financial support. For small to mid-sized businesses, obtaining additional working capital is difficult, if not impossible, because banks focus on the strength of financial statements, rather than the strength of collateral. Yet it is the very strength of that collateral that ELI payroll funding uses to help your business grow. With ELI payroll funding as your financial partner, you can increase your cash flow, improve your purchasing power and enhance productivity.

You never had to secure another workers’ compensation policy?

One of the biggest challenges of workers’ compensation is the ability to maintain competitive rates. ELI workers’ compensation is based on the principle that it’s better to work together than alone.

What could you do without large down payments, installment payments and workers’ compensation audits? How about the time, energy and money you spend on administrating workers’ compensation claims? Would you be able to use that time and energy looking for new business?

You were able to let your new client know that you are providing employee benefits?

Over the years we have put together an employee benefit plan that provides major medical, mini- medical, dental, STD, and life insurance. We have thousands of happy employees using this coverage every day. If you are looking for a way to distinguish yourself from the rest of the companies, this is a definitely a win for you at a very inexpensive cost.

You were paid each year for the employees that you hired?

With many of our solutions, we act as the legal employer. This allows us to receive federal credits for hiring certain individuals. We return this credit to you at 50% of the value of the credit. Each year our clients look forward to this benefit.

You had a back office that truly understands what it’s like to have employees?

We provide professional HR support, payroll, taxes, W2s, background checks, DMV, unemployment administration, workers’ compensation administration, E-verify, debit card and direct deposit and even drug testing. Each and every week we are here working with you


With these tips in mind, you will soon find things back on track!

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