Whether we are in the midst of a pandemic or not, most businesses are constantly evolving to changing markets and business needs and always searching for a fresh and reliable workforce. Most businesses need help with this sizable and ongoing task all the time, but perhaps even more so when already stretched so thin during a pandemic. Staffing firms generate more than 16 million positions per year in the US alone. The global staffing market generates around $500 billion annually, which makes it one of the largest industries in the B2B vertical. This is good news for those wishing to start a staffing agency like Employers Logic.

As our country and the world continue to battle the COVID-19 crisis, many businesses are making the move to plan and prepare for what comes next. For an overwhelming number of businesses, the biggest lesson learned during the pandemic is technology is king. This knowledge has proven to be the tipping point for a broader array of businesses to recognize they too must finally embrace a digital transformation. The world has witnessed during the pandemic that businesses that were already digitally savvy suffered less losses, chaos, and setbacks. Unfortunately, those businesses were in the minority. A move like this requires a shift in a company’s culture, organization and operations.

Businesses recognize that these changes aren’t easy and require help. It requires the expertise a staffing agency can offer. Top staffing firms help companies use the latest technology to source critical skills to enable them to recruit and hire the most talented workers so companies can focus on building the infrastructure necessary to support new modes of doing business – like remote and cross-functional work approaches.

Recent studies indicate that a large percentage of top professionals are opting to work independently. And, a sizable percentage of this talent have reskilled themselves in the latest technology. When it comes to virtualizing a company’s value chain, it only makes sense to begin with workers. Leading staffing firms like Employers Logic are primed to do just that, helping clients keep their digital recruiting streamlined and focused to make the most of the online communication strategy to hire the most qualified and most flexible workforce. Businesses need workers who can be impactful working in-person and remotely as changing needs dictate.

Online interviewing is here to stay, and staffing firms are taking full advantage of this relatively new recruiting procedure to embrace the power of online communication to safely and effectively conduct interviews in a virtual environment to filter job seekers and determine the best matches for their clients. No longer considered a nicety, effective online interviewing is now a genuine business necessity and one that staffing firms are helping lead the way on, mastering a variety of digital platforms. This ease of doing business and the rapid pace for delivering results is part of what makes hiring a staffing firm to help with this new business essential so attractive. Another key motivator is the fact a staffing firm’s comprehensive screening so often results in lower risk of employee turnover. This is a major advantage anytime but especially during a pandemic.

Now more than ever, companies need easy access to a staffing firm’s application tracking system, digital recruiting tools, top-notch talent pool and other back-office support services like workers compensation and payroll funding. Credible staffing agencies routinely analyze market trends and assist clients with the creation of new HR strategies. As the pandemic continues, access to these staffing services is pivotal to the success of a company. And, those looking to start a temp agency to help guide businesses toward success during the pandemic and beyond will benefit from the comprehensive turnkey platform Employers Logic offers them.