With some of the successes seen in the gig economy, is this model ready for moving into corporate America? With new platforms and a millennial population that seems to embrace the concept, big business may be ready to give it a try in the attempt to fill, unfilled positions.

Staffing companies that are ready to adapt to this potential vertical will be ahead of the curve and open to reaping the rewards. 2018 very well could be a tipping point year as the economy continues to grow and the need for talent only gets greater.  When both supply and demand are seeing such pressure, the adaptation of on-demand staffing is truly a void needing to be filled.

  • Flexible workforces are now more than a trend and companies may see the benefits of less than full-time positions.
  • Retail brick and mortar businesses are having to change their models, optimize labor expenses, provide personal services all in an effort to fight off the online experience and attract foot traffic.
  • The be the boss mentality of millennials comes with demands of controlling their schedules, work-life balance and the ability to do it all on an app.
  • Technology and apps that used to only be for early adopters and IT types are now found across all industries and potential talent want to use them.

Corporate staffing models to this point have been driven by government regulation, labor costs, and the effects of globalization, but this is rapidly changing in the on-demand everything world we now face. Technology has come to meet this world of change or lead it and now is the time to adopt or be left in the cold.